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- Office/Retail Stores Contracted Cleaning
- Office/Homes One-Off General Cleaning (Sweep, Vacuum, Wipe and Mop)
- After/Final Construction Cleaning (Houses,Office, Retail Stores and etc)

After Renovation Final Cleanings (post construction cleanup) are different from general cleaning.

If you have had your floors, walls, countertops, cabinets replaced; or if you have had your home painted; or room additions; we will need to quote you based on your specific needs.

Site visit would be necessary. Please call our office to discuss with a representative @ 019-889-3030.

We hire LOCAL ONLY. We are very particular about who we hire. Additionally, all employees are fully insured and bonded. Our employees are all given 1 to 1 or 2 to 1 training to meet our demanding standards, and we regularly conduct quality inspection checks.

Trust is a vital component of our business. We pride ourselves on having earned the trust of hundreds and hundreds of customers throughout the many years of our company’s success.

YES! We make it easy for you! For home or office general cleaning, we bring basic cleaning supplies (vacuums, mop, bucket or step stool) to give your home a great clean. However, majority of homeowners prefer to use their own supplies and equipment.

If you’d like us to use a specific product, please let us know and leave it out for the cleaner to use. For others, contracted or deep cleaning services, we provide all the necessary equipment to make sure we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

NO. Just relax and layback. It is best that all personal items and valuables are put away before we arrive.

For General Cleaning (Sweep, Vacuum, Wipe and Mop), we always provide 2 cleaners either half day or full day (period depends on your needs) to assist you to clean your lovely office/home. Price starting from RM120.

WE DO OFFER DISCOUNT FOR RECURRING CUSTOMERS. For deep cleaning or contracted cleaning, we prefer to do site visit in order to give a firm quotation, the reasons is that every site might have different conditions and tasks to be done, which we need to quote based on the specific needs. Please visit WHAT WE CLEAN to see what kind of services we offer or call us to quote @019-889-3030.